A case study: ‘Vegan Scout’ Launch / Promotional video

Jan 8, 2019

Vegan Scout is an ethical apparel company that launched in February 2019. Bijoux Visual was assigned the role of creating a promotional video that could be used across Vegan Scout’s social and on the Vegan Scout webpage to tell their story. It needed to accurately represent their values and carry across a balanced tone of intent and whimsy.  

In their own words:

As passionate vegans, living next to two of Mother Nature’s most incredible, essential, complex and threatened ecosystems, we see how our daily choices impact the planet. From the food we eat, to the clothes we wear, to the products we buy and the businesses we support, every choice we make is a vote for the kind of world we want for the future.


The first step was to chat over the phone after reading through a draft script founder Krystal had sent through. Krystal had a certain dry-land, salt-of-the-earth video treatment she wanted and we had the perfect location. Bijoux organised a small crew of a cameraman, audio and lighting to meet the ‘talent’ on an animal sanctuary in Townsville QLD.

The shoot took 3 hours and consisted of face-to-camera interview (Krystal talking to a silent interviewer just left of camera), plus ‘B-Roll’ footage of talent interacting with the animals on the farm.

Behind the scenes footage of the talent. Oh, and some humans.

Bijoux then examined the footage and logged the best takes, most engaging ‘B-roll’ footage, and then commenced the task of editing.

Minimalist acoustic background music was selected to enhance the down-to-earth feel and complement the story being told.

Brodie and Chun with the technical goods.

A week later we delivered Vegan Scout a succinct, engaging and professional promotional video they now have on their social media and website. Vegan Scout replied ‘watching it made them teary’ (which we are going to gamble with and say ‘that’s a good thing’). You can see it here:

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