Wowing your audience with an Animated Logo

Jan 12, 2019


An animated logo is one of those things that regularly gets delegated to the ‘nice-to-have’ but not immediately necessary boxes. They are, though, a fundamental step in converting the perception of your business from ‘just another company vying for consumer acknowledgement’ to ‘professional, established business that is confident and values their brand strength’.

With the growth of video being used in brands marketing plans, one of the most effective ways to ‘top and tail’ your message is with an animated logo. When you opt for an animated logo, you’re creating a more memorable image in your customer’s mind.

Animated logos have the power to draw attention and communicate messages in ways that a static logo can not.

Let’s look at a couple of high-profile examples.


1. Google Speak Now

Google lists some of the company’s core values as:


  1. You can be serious without a suit.
  2. Fast is better than slow.
  3. Democracy on the web works.
The playful manner of the logo is immediately apparent, helped by the original logos primary colours, which ticks off value 1. This could also add to the feel of ‘democracy’. It’s friendly, not tyrannical. It also exudes a slickness that could encapsulate the idea of fast or efficient. Promoting the Speak Now function has nicely been reflected in the literal formation of sound waves and a microphone.


2. Spotify

Spotify’s CEO lists some of the company’s core values as:


  1. Innovation
  2. Passion
  3. Collaboration
  4. Transparency
We can certainly see that the animation is innovative and encapsulates the idea of collaboration. The spinning and busy white dots are working together to build key elements of the logo. The pulsing of the logo could represent passion and the fundamental idea of having a pool of talent to choose from is also portrayed.


3. Glug

Glug would be a lesser known brand but just as innovative as the best. Glug is an international creative networking and event organiser that holds these values:


  1. Creativity is undervalued
  2. On a mission to champion creative communities worldwide
  3. Excitement
  4. Credibility

The logo certainly exudes creativity. Excitement is also created through pops and explosions. And as always, credibility is a given when you see a brand has gone that extra step by having a slick logo animation created.

Here is one of our favourite logo animators, David Brier:

So an animated logo is an invaluable part of a marketing plan. Once created it’s use is endless: Intros and outros of video, instagram video, Facebook profiles (yes business pages allow animation!), Twitter, email signatures and even website top banners (keep it to one loop though to not distract from your content. But it will sure make you stand out from the crowd).

For examples of Bijoux Visual logo design visit our work here.

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