Welcome to Bijoux Visual

Jan 16, 2019

We’ve finally launched and are thrilled to be of service to all the businesses who want to make a positive change in the world. Video is now a big necessity in bringing your ideas and philosophies to the forefront of business. Having video included in your marketing plan is essential for many reasons, but notably the:
1.Stronger emotional connections
2.Great consumer attention
3.Higher retention rates
4.Higher engagement

and best of all –

5.Increased conversions.

We’ll be going into these areas more in our future blogs but for now we’d like to introduce ourselves.

Bijoux Visual is a collective of young, ambitious creatives, marketers & tech experts. We are passionate about focusing our skills on making the world a better place – whether it be creating hype for not-for-profits, ethical business, social justice movements, animal rights, organic and wholefood products, small business or renewable energy (just to name a few) – and using video and intelligent marketing to bring these change maker businesses to light. If you have a business you are proud of and need to take further, or an established company that wants a more professional presence, video is key.

Please contact us to discuss further. We offer a free 20min phone consultation or you can sign up for our price kit below.

Let's change the world together.

Bijoux Visual

Bijoux Visual is a boutique but hi-end, video design company. We specialise in delivering finished video solutions to forward-thinking, change maker businesses.